Massage Therapist Mentor - monthly subscription

Subscription based professional development for Massage Therapists. Monthly online seminars that support Massage Therapy practitioners. 

Massage Therapist Mentor Online is for practitioners who are interested in developing a breadth of expertise that serves their clients. A subscription gives instant access to all existing seminars and every month a new seminar is added. Each seminar provides opportunity for professional reflection and a certificate of completion that can be used for professional development record keeping.

Massage Therapy professional development membership for A$15/month!

It feels like everything is a subscription these days, so there is also an option to purchase 12 months access for a one-off investment of A$180. Although, I hope you might consider becoming a member and subscribing to Massage Therapist Mentor. The goal is to build a community of like-minded Massage Therapists and alongside the monthly seminars, also run live online learning events. My hope for Massage Therapist Mentor is to grow to a size where members can suggest learning topics for me to prepare. Hosting guest presenters is also a direction I would like to take this platform. I look forward to supporting your learning.


A$15/month subscription unlocks a 90 minute Massage Therapy and healthcare related seminar every month.
Online lessons allowing you the convenience to learn at times that are suitable for your schedule.
Access to an online forum where you are encouraged to share what you have learned with your colleagues.
14 day free trial gives you unlimited access to all seminars. Find a learning seminar that interests you and take a look.
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