Massage Therapist Mentor Online

Subscription based professional development for Massage Therapists. Monthly online seminars that support Massage Therapy practitioners. 

Massage Therapist Mentor Online is for practitioners who are interested in developing a breadth of expertise that serves their clients. Get instant access to all existing seminars and every month a new seminar is added. Each seminar provides opportunity for professional reflection and a certificate of completion that can be used for professional development record keeping.

‘Creative online learning for Massage Therapists!’

Are you interested in Massage Therapy and your clients broader experience with their health?

Massage can represent a range of experiences for people, a large part of this spectrum will seek out Massage Therapy for reasons relating to their personal health. Massage Therapist Mentor is an online Professional Development program that has been developed to help Massage Therapists grow in to thriving healthcare professionals. Here’s how:

Enroll and you unlock a 90 minute Massage Therapy and healthcare related PD seminar every month.
Online lessons allowing you the convenience to learn at times that are suitable for your schedule.
Access to an online forum where you are encouraged to share what you have learned with your colleagues.
Enrollment gives you unlimited access to all seminars. Find a seminar that interests you and take a look.


Hi, I’m Warwick… creator of Massage Therapy Mentor Online. I have been practicing as a Remedial Massage therapist for 20 years, and when my hands need a rest I also work as an Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Teacher. Mostly I have practiced in multidisciplinary healthcare settings and have always enjoyed the casual professional conversations shared with colleagues around the clinic (and lunchroom). These shared perspectives have greatly informed my Massage Therapy work and I hope to share some of these experiences as online professional development seminars. I look forward to supporting your learning and helping you develop skills that support your clients.

Association of Massage Therapists (AMT)

The Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) requires members to acquire at least 20 continuing professional development (CPD) hours per year, with one hour of active learning equal to one CPD hour. A Massage Therapist Mentor subscription can be used to support an AMT members accumulation of 20 annual CPD hours. The AMT requires members to collect evidence of having attended a CPD activity and asks members to complete a reflection record post-completion of a learning activity for submission to its member portal. Upon completion of a Massage Therapist Mentor seminar, a Certificate of Attendance inclusive of study hours is provided, plus a writable document which includes the five questions used as part of the AMT reflection record.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) requires Remedial Massage members to acquire 20 continuing professional education (CPE) points each financial year, with one CPE point representing one hour of learning. A Massage Therapist Mentor subscription may be used to accumulate up to 20 CPE points annually as an activity that is recognised as, Other Webinars and Teleseminars. Recognition under this activity classification requires submission of a Certificate of Attendance stating the number of study hours and a written learning review. For each Massage Therapist Mentor seminar, a Certificate of Attendance inclusive of study hours is provided upon completion, plus a writable document which includes ideas that may serve as prompts or reflection points for a seminar review.

Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA)

Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MAA) requires Advanced members to acquire 50 continuing professional education (CPE) points annually and Remedial Therapist members to acquire 40 CPE points annually. A Massage Therapist Mentor subscription may be used to accumulate 15 CPE points annually in the Non-Technical: Personal Effectiveness category for subscription to an online education platform. It is also possible that Massage Therapist Mentor seminars may be used to accumulate five CPE points per half day of study (up to 40/50 points) in the Professional and Technical category, Professional D – Other Education. To support the accumulation of CPE points in this category a Certificate of Attendance inclusive of study hours is provided at the completion of each Massage Therapist Mentor seminar.

Monthly Seminars

   18 hours annually of Massage Therapy learning for a subscription of A$15/month!

   Free 14 day membership trial.
   Learn at your own pace, at times that suit your schedule.
   High quality online professional development.
   Blended learning includes video and written resources.
   Integrated social learning network.
   Learning that encourages professional reflection.

Enrollment options


Subscribe and have free access to all seminars for 14 days before monthly payments begin.
  • Monthly payments (after 14 day trial)
  • Unlimited access to all seminars
  • Cancel anytime

  12 months access

One-off payment accesses all existing seminars and added monthly seminars for 12 months.
  • One-off payment
  • Unlimited access to all seminars
  • 12 months access
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