Coach People Experiencing Pain

Learn the science of pain and apply the Biopsychosocial model of health to help your clients.

This online course is for Health Professionals of all backgrounds who are working with people experiencing pain. It presents the science of pain and supports practitioners to apply their new knowledge enhancing healthcare practice.

‘Evolved Movement Health Practitioners understand pain.’

Do you understand Pain Science? and what it means for your clients…

One in five Australians will experience persistent pain in their lifetime and many Healthcare Professionals have little or no training on how to work with this population (Pain Australia, 2010. National Pain Strategy). Coach People Experiencing Pain is an online Professional Development course that has been developed for Health Practitioners of all backgrounds to help them build skills for working with clients experiencing pain. Here’s how:
Online lessons allowing you the convenience to learn at times that are suitable for your schedule.
We support you to develop professionally by encouraging you to reflect on existing healthcare practice.
We provide a learning environment where you can think critically and apply new knowledge that helps your clients. 
Access to an online forum where you are encouraged to share what you have learned with your colleagues.

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this Professional Development offering meets the criteria for 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.

 12 CPDs


Hi, I’m Warwick… creator of the course, Coach People Experiencing Pain. Nine years ago I got a call from a Pain Specialist Doctor who wanted to start referring clients for Exercise Physiology support. Pain was an area I had limited experience with, sensing my hesitation the Doctor invited me to do some observation at his clinic and quickly I realised how multifaceted pain is. From here I committed to reading, attending courses and developing skills that would help me to support these referrals. Initially I was learning ‘on the fly’, however in time I developed more knowledge and this course is a product of everything I have picked up along the way. I’m not a researcher or a social media guru, I’m just a practitioner who answered an inquiry from a colleague and had to get ‘up-to-speed’ fairly quickly. I look forward to supporting your learning and helping you develop skills that support your clients.

Course Lessons

   12 hours of quality online professional development for an investment of A$410!

   Access all course content for 12 months.
   Learn at your own pace.
   High quality online professional development.
   Blended learning includes video and written resources.
   Integrated social learning network.
   Create something meaningful for your professional practice.
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